Building an 8 core machine for 3D Modeling

Building an 8 core machine for 3D Modeling

Computer fun… My new machine, almost done… My current machine that looks very similar, and parts, parts and parts..

This is a re-worked DELL P-490 case with a DELL T-5400 board in it with dual 3.17 ghz quad core processors (Matched pair of XEON 5460) and 24 gig of ECC RAM.

The board is a direct swap with a few exceptions. You will have to cut the rear of the 490 case because the keyboard and USB ports are arranged differently. No big deal, a small area was removed and the board dropped right in.

The second mod is that the front panel plug-in to the old P-490 board will not fit the T-5400 board as the pin out is different. I went on eBay and ordered a front panel plug with the cable for a T-5400 board. It mounted perfectly to the P-490 case and plugged right into the T-5400 board. Problem solved.

The T-5400 board cost about $25.00 the front panel mount with the cable cost $8.00. The case cost under $20.00

Dual SLI ATI RADION Graphics cards both with dual DVI and S-Composite out. The SLI cables are left off and so on this board it allows you to use 4 monitors. Each of those slots are 75 watt PCI E 16 slots. This and the ability to run 5400 series XEON processors were the main reasons for the upgrade to the T-5400 board.

The processor towers. To the right is a huge fan. That is an 8 inch high RPM fan that blows directly into the two towers to cool them. Next to it is an 80 millimeter fan that helps cool the graphic cards. When the case lid is on there is another 8 inch fan that pulls air off the memory. All of the memory modules have cooling fins mounted on them to dissipate heat quickly.

This is a Red Metallic Chevy color, with cleared matte black on the faces..

This is a very heavy case. I got it for 15 bucks plus shipping, with 40 bucks worth of fans already in it. I disassembled it and shot the red and the black. I re-badged it from StickerShock on eBay for a couple bucks…

All in I will have slightly more than $150.00 in this build and my time. It runs Direct Draw 9, 10, and 11 and more. It handles OPEN GL. It handles the NET framework. It handles visual C++ files. It runs Ultimate Unwrap, it runs the Open FX modeler, it runs GIMP and Photoscape. It runs 3D RAD and allows me to build and play 3D RAD games. A note, the case could have been configured as either a tower or a desktop, I chose the desktop configuration. I also use it to write my series of novels, Earth’s Survivors…


Ultimate Unwrap      Open FX     3D RAD 

GIMP   Photoscape    

Earth’s Survivors     StickerShock


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