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I have been collecting parts to do PC builds with, and I will start tomorrow. Even so I don’t expect video uploads and pictures for at least a week.

I will video each build, and it will be start to finish work, case, Motherboard, Video, Memory, Wiring for the front panel, fans, hard drives, etc..

Narrated by me, I’ll try not to make them boring. They will post on my Youtube channel, and be serialized there, and here as podcasts, so the time per video , edited down will be 15 to 20 minutes per episode. Some builds will take more episodes than other builds.

It will be video in HD, Youtube does provide SD versions of the video too.

The purpose is basic computer assembly to custom work. I’ll have to install Motherboards in cases they were not intended to be in, adapt drives, etc. Then I’ll do the basic software installs and list them on my eBay account to recoup parts cost and maybe a small fee that will go to charity.

Should be fun, I’ll update more over the next week or so, so I can have days set aside for posts, maybe two a week; feel free to suggest.

So far I have a good parts list. I’ll start separating them out tomorrow into build groups, and a few listed are still in the mail on the way to me, and several other items that aren’t listed are also on the way, but the basic parts that I’ll use for builds follows….




1 HP dc5700 (Will fit ATX – MATX)

1 Elite ATX Used Case

1 E Machines case MATX

2 Solo T2 ATX-MATX Mid Tower New


1 ECS 761GX-M754 SiS 761 GX MATX (Old AMD Suitable for WP or old XP) 754 Socket

1 ASUS KFN32-d SLI/SAS Server board Dual Opteron F (1207) Socket

2 King Cobra boards FM2 Socket

1 Gigabyte GA-F2A78M-D3H FM2+ Socket

1 BioStar TA760G M2 VER.6 AM3 Socket

1 HP Jasmin MS-7778 V:1.0 FM2 Socket

1 ASROCK 760GM-HDV AM3+ Socket

1 Dell Optiplex 580 7VX11 AM3 Socket

Graphics Cards:

3  AMD Radeon HD 8490 PCIEx16 DVI-Display Port

Hard Drives:

4 500 GB SATA

1 250 GB SATA

1 600 GB SATA

1 TB Hybrid  SS and SATA

2 40 GB IDE

2 60 GB IDE

Power Supply:

2 HP 320 watt

2 HP 220 watt

3 ATX mixed 600 watt

1 Rack Dual Power 400 watt

1 Dell T7400 850 watt

1 USFF 80 watt


AMD A-10 5800K FM2 Socket

AMD A-8 6600 FM2 Socket

AMD A-4 5300D FM2 Socket

AMD FX-6200 6 core AM3+ Socket

AMD Phenom 2 X2 B53 AM2+ – AM3

AMD Athlon 2 AM3 Socket

2 AMD OPTERON OS2435WJS6DGN 2.60 GHZ Hex (6) Core

I hope this will be something you’ll enjoy. I just built myself a quad core A-8 based machine from a King Cobras 6305 board sff. Swapped the entire board into an old HP 6005 tower case that accepted the BTX board and it all mounted right up, which allowed me to swap out the 220 watt PS for a 320 watt PS. It also gave me room for a 3 TB drive @ 6 GB a sec. to load all my work on, and a small 6 GB a sec. drive to hold WIN 10 Pro.

I added 2 Nvidia 710 Graphics cards with 2 GB each, that are running six monitors @ 1080p. I chose these cards because they perform well, but they do not require vast amounts of power: No 6 pin plugins, so they make due with the PCIE-16 power. I also added 16 GB of 1600 mhz DDR3.

Yes, my desktop is still a mess

It works beautifully. It runs RAD, OFX, UNITY, UNREAL (The latest engines for both. Visual C++ 17 & 19, all my video editing software. All my music software and graphic hardware. My writing tools as well, spellchecking, proofing, etc. Not a single problem. This is a board you can pick up fairly cheaply, and mod easily with the FM2 Socket, and up to 32 GB of 1600 MHZ DDR3 memory.

The only issues to solve are it is a SFF BTX board. You have to use low profile cards, but it has 2 PCIE16 slots, and can support crossfire. It also has room for 1 DVD and 1 HD, and 220 watts isn’t much when you add graphics cards, drives and a faster Processor, plus the SFF case will probably cause the more powerful processor to overheat, and you can’t just buy a new case, because they don’t make cases for the BTX Form Factor. Or you can do what I did, buy an old HP BTX format tower case and swap the board in. I can’t speak for all the BTX cases, but a HP 6005 case, an older case to be sure, will swap the King Cobras board right in. The ports and I/O on the back match exactly. I paid $19.00 for the old HP case with a 320 watt power supply and a Lightscribe DVD writer included, and an older board with an AM3 socket with an older Athlon processor that will make a great old XP machine for older games I love to play, and as I said, I gained Hard Drive space, dual DVD (Lightscribe so I can easily write DVD or CDs). An old media reader card interface that I will swap in from an older HP. It plugs right into the King Cobras board. No trouble. So I can slip in my SD cards from my cameras, offload, check out.

The King Cobras board has both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, but the amount of connections it shares are the same front and rear as the old board. So you simply have USB 3.0 ports where there were USB 2.0.

One thing you will notice, the pin-outs on the special connection from the power supply, a single line six pin power plugin, uses different profiles between the two boards. The older board uses all 6, the new board uses 4, I think. The 320 watt PS from the older case supplies all six to the plugin, but everything works despite that difference.

It took a day of work, including cleaning the case and painting it (Clear coat, I like the beat up look, it’s a real sleeper), installing the 3 TB drive and moving all my files from two older, slower drives onto it, setting up my software, the basics at least, the rest I did over a few days, but my point is I started around 12:00 PM and was done, cruising my websites, book sites, and checking and answering emails by about 7:00 PM. And a lot of that was setting up my personal stuff, everything else was simply paint work, plugging in cables, installing drives.

I scuffed the case up and then clear coated it, making sure I scuffed through to bare metal/plastic in places. The sticker replacements were cheap, like a buck a piece. I had just over $100.00 bucks in it when I finished it, not counting my labor.

So I’ll be back in a few days and we’ll go from there. I had wanted to start this two weeks back, but I had a novel to finish the proof work on, format and publish. Fig Street, it is my latest novel, I hope to have Hurricane out by next spring.

Thanks, I know this was long, feel free to leave feedback and let me know what you think, Dell

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