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Open FX is geared toward any Windows users who love making 3D models.

It incorporates a powerful 3D-modeling, rendering, and animation tool.

Open FX includes multiple effects, the ability to insert pre-established figures (like basic shapes: spheres, cones, cylinders…), text, and can animate everything using pre-established or completely original animations to give your creature a unique touch.

There are explosion effects, axis curvature… not to mention post-production image effects like more or less light, fog, etc, the list never ends.

You can even record your animation in multiple formats.

This is a feature-loaded program that is sure to please animators, and inspire anyone else who is interested in getting started. Everything is free thanks to its open-source format.

Open FX is a solid modeler and very easy to learn and use.

It imports Direct X, 3DS, OBJ, LWO, DFX, and DAE. It does not export Direct X. You might ask, well, how does that help me to get Direct X into my 3D RAD Game Maker?

It exports DXF and 3DS both of which can then be faithfully converted to the Direct X format (With the included ASSIMP Library) and used in 3D RAD. I know, I have used it exactly that way.

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Models I have built with Open Modeler…

You can purchase Open FX through PayPal for only $15.99 U.S. plus applicable taxes. I will send you the download link within 24 hours, and as updates are made I will send those too. I do retain your eMail for that purpose, and your link will be sent to your registered PayPal eMail.

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