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When I have time to spend I like messing around with 3D creations, game making stuff. I think I have tried most of the contenders and it comes down to what you like in most cases. I say that because many of us just want to have some fun and never intend to publish a video game. This page is not meant to be definitive in any way except as it pertains to my own experience.

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There are dozens of Game Makers out there, but I have seen nothing at all that allows you to build, distribute, play, and comes with pre-made game modules you can both learn from and customize to suit your needs like 3D RAD. I know, Unity, Unreal and the list goes on and on. Yes, they do have game creation systems, but they do not allow you to publish unless or until you purchase an expensive license. So you can go ahead and create something, but unless you intend to pony up some cash you can not publish or share it.

3D RAD allows you to use it to create games and you can do whatever you wish with those games. Publish, sell, share, it’s your choice. It also comes with dozens of game examples that work. It is easy, with a little work, to customize those games, add your own 3D models, skins, pieces and make something fun and maybe even profitable. It is also completely free.

Game Examples and Abilities include:

  • Auto Racing
  • First Person Shooter
  • Flight
  • Menus
  • Network Play
  • Multi Player
  • Sound FX
  • More

For me the choice was clear over 10 years ago when I purchased 3D Rad.

While this is great, there are some things that cause people to stumble. First, learning a system, any system, even if it has projects and pre-sets to show you how to do it is difficult. It is time consuming. I have found myself investing mass amounts of time in other game creators to learn them only to find that, in the end, I need a license, or I have to pay for content to use, something along those lines. RAD is a one time purchase. Never pay any royalties, fees, or anything else. You will never be surprised down the line somewhere and find it suddenly has to be purchased, or you need to pay for a license to continue using it. So the time you invest is worthwhile in that respect.

3D RAD: Get 3D RAD Below

You can purchase RAD below: 1 Lifetime license for just 21.99 USD. This includes examples, models, the latest update (07-2020), and all future updates. I do retain your email to be able to send updates. Don’t worry, you won’t suddenly get spam from me, it will be retained only to send updates, and it will never be sold.

Your payment is processed through PayPal, and so you are fully protected.

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Open FX is geared toward any Windows users who love making 3D models.

It incorporates a powerful 3D-modeling, rendering, and animation tool.

Open FX includes multiple effects, the ability to insert pre-established figures (like basic shapes: spheres, cones, cylinders…), text, and can animate everything using pre-established or completely original animations to give your creature a unique touch.

There are explosion effects, axis curvature… not to mention post-production image effects like more or less light, fog, etc, the list never ends.

You can even record your animation in multiple formats.

This is a feature-loaded program that is sure to please animators, and inspire anyone else who is interested in getting started. Everything is free thanks to its open-source format.

Open FX is a solid modeler and very easy to learn and use.

It imports Direct X, 3DS, OBJ, LWO, DFX, and DAE. It does not export Direct X. You might ask, well, how does that help me to get Direct X into my 3D RAD Game Maker?

It exports DXF and 3DS both of which can then be faithfully converted to the Direct X format (With the included ASSIMP Library) and used in 3D RAD. I know, I have used it exactly that way.

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Models I have built with Open Modeler…

#3D Models #3D Game Making Software

All Models include UV images, 3DS, Direct X and are complete and ready to use. All models are for use for commercial or personal projects.

Apocalypse vehicle 1

Apocalypse vehicle 2

Apocalypse vehicle 3

Apocalypse vehicle 4

Apocalypse vehicle 5

Apocalypse vehicle 6

Apocalypse vehicle 7

Apocalypse vehicle 8

Apocalypse vehicle 9

Apocalypse vehicle 10

I hope this helped. If you have something of use you would like to list drop me a line at authordellsweet@gmail.com and if it’s good I’ll list it.

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