Rad Game Maker updated projects, cars, more

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I am working on an update to Rad Game Maker. Adding two new projects, and one upgraded project.

The first addition, is the Off Road Stunt Player demo. All the files to run the game, cars, tires, buildings, are now included in the distribution. The entire game is there as a project, ready to compile or change, customize.

The second update is a city module I built. It contains the project, building models, vehicle, etc.

The third update is to the existing SUV RACE project. The newer vehicle bodies are now included in a second SUV project.

I also added several vehicles to the P Car and Car modules, including some custom setups I made to use as working tire bases.

Three new setups, with textures, dirt and city streets. Based on the Highway construction module, and the Tech street module from a demo a few months back.

New Cars/Trucks. Seven new P-Car (Physics Car) bodies with wheels.

Chassis setups. These are working wheel setups you can tweek to add to your own model.

Four off-road trucks you can use.

I also included the first Wastelands model in the upgrade.

If you own Rad Game Maker I’ll send the update to your registered eMail (Once finished and updated in the next few days), if not, you can order Rad Game Maker below…

1451 2 131480