What I’m working on today: 08-08-20

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For the last few days I have been working on a 3 vehicle military based pack.

Custom nose, grill, bumpers. I’m working on the three variations all at once.

I save everything I build, no matter what it is. I have a model PARTS directory, I can go there and grab an accessory I have built in the past, merge it with what I am working on, and then modify it.

A double cab version, with a small bed area.

when I build models, by using my parts directory it really speeds things up. I am trained in architectural and mechanical drawing, CAD/CAM, both on board and screen. If I have to draw/build to specs, I can, but I prefer freeform creation like this, Dell.

There is a good shot of the custom nose I built in a few minutes, right in Ultimate Unwrap. I would like to point out, I don’t have anything to do with Ultimate Unwrap, it is just an awesome UV/Modeler. If it is interesting I can do a time lapse on building a custom piece, either in the OFX modeler or Ultimate Unwrap, or both, Dell.

Hope you found this enjoyable, back to work for me, Dell…

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