Dreamer’s Worlds: The Dreamer’s Worlds Kindle Edition

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Dreamer’s Worlds: The Dreamer’s Worlds Kindle Edition

by Dell Sweet  (Author), Geo Dell  (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

Laura and Joe live lonely lives, but they are dreamers. When they close their eyes they dream travel through space and time, to other worlds with little more than a thought, but dreaming comes with a purpose. They have both fought that purpose, but when they meet each other in the dream world, that meeting creates a longing that neither can deny. A purpose, a destiny both must choose to follow.Laura Kast: Laura is a dreamer: When she was a little girl she knew she was destined to dream. She fought it and that fight nearly killed her, She found herself on the streets, drug addicted, away from the people who could guide her, teach her to use her great power. Eventually she learned that she could not deny it. She began to learn how to dream, how to walk her walk. She learned slowly at first, but faster as time went by. She learns to travel from place to time to world with the ease of a thought. Her power is incredible and sometimes it scares her when she wonders where it might lead her. Dreamers that she has known have never fared well in the real world. They were not born for it. Purposed for it. And they are at odds with it for all of their lives. It feels the same for her. She meets another Dreamer, Joe. They pass in their dreams. But their dreams seem to be becoming one… The same in purpose and destiny. And she finds herself drawn to this man. He awakens something in her that she has denied for years but now feels powerless to ignore. Joe Miller: Joe’s life did not include dreaming, but he learns that the creator chooses whom he chooses and the power is given to be used. His life has been a series of misjudgments. Paralyzing losses. A young wife carrying their child mysteriously killed. He has been directionless, uninterested in life since that tragedy five years before. Joe is a young man who is unsure of himself. What he should be: Whether he can live it. He does not know what sort of a man he should be. How to find himself. Make his own life. He finds himself pulled farther and farther into the Dreamer’s Worlds against his will. A world he does not completely understand; but the things that at first made no sense begin to make sense, and the real world he thought he knew eventually falls away from him to be replaced by a spirit world that seems to be ever changing, shifting. Becoming something that is as yet unseen. A mystery to him. But a world that pulls him, seems to need him more than the world of flesh and blood.The beautiful and mysterious Laura pulls him deeper into the Dreamers Worlds, yet she always seems to elude him. Just out of reach. Just out of view. Gone for days and then there as if she had always been there. A small sparrow in the trees of a dream world, then a woman, dark and beautiful before his eyes, seeming to pull him closer to her against his will. Laura works her way into his heart. A heart that has been ravaged from his losses, and begins to heal it. He knows then that he loves her, and that he will follow her where ever she leads. Bear: Bear has been a Spirit Wolf for thousands of years. He can not clearly remember another shape, another life, but when his path begins to cross with Laura and Joe, he begins to see more of his own past wrapped up in these two strangers. Laura is the most powerful dreamer the people have ever known: Joe does not possess the dreaming power Laura does, but possesses something undisciplined and equally powerful. He begins to feel the calling of what he really was, who he really was and he finds himself torn in two directions. Should he put his power behind the man and the woman? Without his help they may die. Should he strike out on his own to find the truth that has eluded him for thousands of years? For the first time in his long, spirit life he does not feel a clear answer. He only knows that he feels he is on the edge of great change. Change that could destroy entire worlds, and that somehow the man and the woman hold the keys to his understanding…

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