Terra 2

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This is a land render, built with Terrain Editor 2. I’ll include a link to download it free below.

I have this highlighted to show the separate sections. This is not scaled, so you can scale it for what you need. Above is the higher area.

This is the lower islands, and of course you can pick this apart for even more variety of UV mapping.

This is the somewhat flatter section to build your track/road upon, or leave it open for an off-road type race. I did build a dirt road system to use with this. The sections are border-less, and so you can go on and off it as you race it.

This is the boundary section of the model. The model comes with all four sections assigned materials/groups so you can split this into four models and load it that way too.

No UV’s, just the model in Direct X: Download it here.

The terrain editor is here: Download it

I will upload the road system in a few days, Dell.

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