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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am in the office early this morning, I’ll be working on a model I started yesterday, and then leaving the afternoon for family and turkey.

Turkeys in my side-yard. We live next to a huge military reservation. The Deer, Turkeys, and other wildlife travel in and out of it with impunity: Like they know they can’t be hunted. There were six of these turkeys, and yes, they are as big as they seem to be, Dell.

The model I am working on.

I have also completed 9 models for RAD or whatever you wish to use them for. They are the first nine Wasteland models. I have scaled and adapted them to RAD’s PCAR module, and tested them in my working RAD setup. I am setting up the chassis in PCAR, a ghosted model for reference, and then the Bodies in the Skinmesh directory. So far I have nine setup on 1 chasis. It doesn’t seem like much, but I had to make a lot of changes to the models to make them all work with the chasis. That way I can provide different chassis setups in PCAR, different wheels/tires mainly, already animated.

The new PCAR video of the additions thus far.

So, enjoy your Thanksgiving. I hope you have a great holiday, and thanks for the visit’s to my page, Dell

This is a simplistic road system you can use to make an off-road track/road. The UV work is basic, and faces with the edges so that you can allow your land texture to bleed through.

This consists of four pieces, cross, straight, curve, rising curve. I did not include a rising straight as I find it is easier to raise the straight as you build, so that it conforms smoothly.

Use as you choose. The road itself provides your surface, you can raise the land to meet it, or build supplemental pieces for large rises or dips.

You can download this set with the UV’s here in the Direct X format: Click Here

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