Race Car 07

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I have a series Hay Vida, and Rocket is the first book in the series. The UV came from that series. Feel free to use it as is or alter or replace it. The model is free for any purpose, commercial or personal.

I tend to making up sponsors to decorate the UV with, or using my books. In any case, I don’t use material unless I own the copyright.

You can download the model here.

I do my model work with OFX Modeler.

OFX has a built in Animation Suite. I also added several models at the last update. And, it is free.

I use RAD to build my games. I also use Unity and Unreal. I have no interest in building a commercial gale, however, so I stick to RAD which is not anywhere near as powerful as either Unity or Unreal, but will allow you to learn the process, scripting, and also allow you to create games you can play and distribute free of charge.

I use Ultimate Unwrap to do the UV work. I get a faithful 3D translation so that I can see the changes as I make them. I own both versions, the 32 bit and the 64 bit. I have absolutely nothing to do with Ultimate Unwrap. I paid for my versions because it is good software. I include the link here because it is awesome software. I can use my paint program, make changes, save it and it appears in the model on Ultimate Unwrap. I can use RAD and do the same thing, so that with everything on I can make the changes and see them in the Modeler, the UV program or in the Game Maker system.

Additionally Ultimate Unwrap can utilize my six monitor layout. I expand it to four usually, and that gives me a ton of screen territory to use as I work on a model.

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