Adding a new Pre-Runner truck model

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So I spent some time the other day designing a new Pre-Runner truck model for RAD.

The old truck model
The new truck model

After I did that I made five variations, thinking I had five of the original. No, only four, so I made one more, so there are now ten Pre-Runner Trucks. Except, after I made the new Toyota based Pre-Runner, I took a look at the Dodge based Pre-Runner and decided to redo the folder icons so that all ten trucks matched: IE the originals were shot as a above, against the 3D RAD background, but the new ones were shot from the modeler, so a neutral grey background.

And I never got that far, instead I flushed the original model and then got it to rebuild it. So, later today, I will begin rebuilding that model and updating it to modern UV images. It, component wise, is twice the size of the old model, still lo-poly, but should translate much better.

So it is the the 9th of December and I have most of the RAD update done.

All ten Stock Cars are done, and all ten have wheel models you can swap; 5 Models of different wheels for the stock cars.

All ten truck models are nearly done, I just have to re-map those first four, re-shoot them and then add them. They and The Wasteland models share ten wheel models.

As for the wastelands models, there are Twenty that use, or share the ten Pre-Runner wheel models.

I have also begun the wheel models for Muscle cars. Ten are available in the P-Car directory, as are all the others mentioned above. Once I am finished creating the ten Muscle Car Models to fit those wheel models, I will be done.

That is the new P-Car directory. It is finished, the Skin-meshes are down to just the muscle cars and the four truck rebuilds.

So, the update should be finished and ready for download before the end of the year; then I’ll take suggestions as to what the next updates should be.

Meanwhile, I began a new Tutorial that covers building a race track for use in RAD. Six parts, the first two parts are there and ready to view.

I do have the entire build, but it is nearly three hours long, the reason I cut it into small segments.

It will show the entire process, from creating the track, doing the UV work, and then adding it to RAD, including exactly how to do that.

Lastly: When I build, I save parts.

I will be adding an update for OFX before the end of the year too, and I will be adding the parts directory to the model base; 233 models. Drive-lines, car frames, off road frame builds, tire models, wheels, rims, cars, trucks, roll cages, roll bars, you get the idea, all of those things you build once and use over and over.

Don’t forget to check out the project folders in the right hand sidebar. That is where you can follow what I am working on, Dell.

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