Rally 02

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This is the second offshoot for rally, from the VW model I worked on as a wasteland model, didn’t like, so didn’t use. The body was good as a rally car.

This is a newer Beetle body. Everything I make is for gaming, so they are low poly models, not high poly beauts, They render well, and I test play with each one. They come with the UV work and the model. There are no wheel/tires as these are provided with the P-Car setups within RAD. I did make 5 Rally car P-CAR setups with different wheels that will fit any of the 5 Rally cars, so 25 variations.

You can download Rally 2 here: Click Here

RAD and OFX Purchase

If you would like, you can purchase the RAD/OFX modeler bundle through PayPal and I’ll send it to you as an eMail attachment. That keeps the ball rolling here, and allows me to work on upgrades and models.

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Of course you can download the RAD game maker and OFX free as well. Check back for updates periodically…

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