Rad 2021

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I finished and uploaded the new version of RAD.

I added a great deal of content, did some work on nearly every facet of the content section and game templates.

There are a few complete car racing game templates you can test, or build out with your own content. But, they are set up now so that you can immediately test them, play, drive the vehicles with no further work.

The following is an opening screen I built using Angel Scripting for OGRE.

The dash loads as a fade in, click enter and the button ignition turns green and the sound of a starting car accompanies it.

The dash lights up, and the module when it ends opens your game. OGRE uses Angel-scripting too, so it’s pretty easy to incorporate elements from the open source field into the RAD engine.

A few new tracks, finished well enough for you to complete.

I added the complete version of the city I built as well. Both as a template ready to fill, and as a rigidbody you can mod for your Unity or Unreal game makers.

All the car and truck set-ups I made in SkinMesh are available in the CAR or PCAR modules.

If you would like, you can purchase the RAD/OFX modeler bundle through PayPal for as little as 3.99 and I’ll send it to you as an eMail attachment. That keeps the ball rolling here, and allows me to work on upgrades and models.

Rad and OFX-Choose your price
And, of course you can download the new RAD version free at the link below, Dell.

Download it (800 mb): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MffHFQJxrfktME8L04nglZGRmE7rv3k1/view?usp=sharing

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