Bob’s Track Builder

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I have a Steam account. If you don’t know what Steam is, it is a place where you can buy games, keep them, and access them from your desktop.

Disclaimer, I don’t work for Steam, Bob’s Track Builder or Ultimate Unwrap. In fact I never do product reviews or tests on anything that I own or get paid to do a review of. This is software I purchased, own and like, or find useful.

I made a link on my desktop so I can launch it right from there.

You will end up with a blank screen with a grid, as above. I changed the background to black (It comes set to white) for better contrast.

On the upper left I chose to build a track with a closed circuit loop.

I click on the bar above and chose to move the anchor points so that I can get that shape. I can also divide them, so I have more than the three points I started with.

Below, I have clicked on the small steering wheel that will allow me to drive the track. I can fly or walk it as well.

The button gives a 3d perspective of driving the track, or flying over it, or walking so that you can see if it is shaped well, or has defects you need to fix by dragging the points around more.

Here I can choose to add right, left or both sides of terrain at a given time. I will start with the left side, since that it the inside of the track.

I have finished my terrain. Realize that there are many options you can choose to make larger areas of terrain, or even smaller.

Driving it again to make sure there are no errors: Such as, I made a turn too tight and the terrain doubles over itself or the track

Next it is off to Ultimate Unwrap to add the UV work and texture the track I built in about 20 minutes. Saved hours of work doing it this way

Above, a track I built and then textured in Ultimate Unwrap. I also built a pair of tunnels that cover part of the track. About an hour of work total. This would normally cost me the good part of a day.

I hope this was helpful and that you enjoyed it. I picked up Bob’s Track builder Pro on Steam and now it is in my library and a tool I will use often, Dell.

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