The Nation Chronicles: Book Three (The Nation Chronicles Trilogy 3) Kindle Edition

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The conclusion of the trilogy begins here…
Ira killed the motor. The moon was clouded, and maybe, he reasoned, the boat would blow right by them. No sooner had he completed the thought though, then the clouds parted and the moon rolled out of the darkness. Bad luck, he thought. The moon, after the almost total darkness, lit up the water like daylight. The approaching boat reversed its own engine about forty yards away, cut in their direction, and drifted to a stop less than five feet from them.
It appeared to have only one occupant to Frank. A tall pale-looking man stood smiling at them across the short distance, a machine pistol appeared in one hand, and Frank was sure he was going to fire. So sure, that when he spoke, it caught him completely off guard.
“Frank, Ira, Jimmy, and Gary,” the man said, as he pointed to each of them, and correctly named them.
Frank had never seen the man in his life, and he was definitely somebody he would remember. He seemed race-less, as well as ageless, more like a wax dummy, than a real person. A shadow rose from behind him, and Frank drew in a deep breath as Annie moved into the light. He was momentarily confused, had she brought someone to help? If so, how had she known they would need help? Or even where they would be? When she moved further into the light however, he could see that her hands were tied, and that dried blood coated one side of her head, and the puzzlement quickly turned to anger. “You…” he started.
“I wouldn’t,” the man replied calmly as he raised the machine pistol. “I don’t want to kill you, but I will if I have to.”

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