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Three scrap wood build by Geo Dell

Three scrap wood build by Geo Dell My next project, a three guitar build. One Tele style body, one Strat style body, one SG style body. Start to finish builds similar to the last SG build. They will all be similar finishes and designs, yet different. It will be fun and keep me occupied for […]

Some of my Guitar Builds

I rebuild a junked $25.00 Ovation into a Studio guitar from used parts lying around my shop. Check out more of my builds in the Guitar Works series!

A new Ovation project

A new project I’ve been working on the last week or two, on and off, a quick fix of a stripped Ovation Applause. The guitar bridge was set badly. When I got the guitar it was stripped of all parts, bridge gone, tuners, electronics, and the back cover was missing also… Stay tuned, more to […]

Geo Dell – Guitar Works Books

The AdjustOvation Build: This is a complete start to finish custom build. The base is an Ovation Applause with the upper bout holes. I planned out this build for several months and then put the pieces together for this build over a few months while buying other parts for my guitar site. The idea was […]

Guitar build CD60-7

ASSEMBLY I will assemble the parts and pieces to finish this project. The photo above shows a Piezo under saddle pickup. We provided for this element earlier in the build, test fitted it and trimmed the saddle to accommodate it. This guitar will have two separate sound sources, the Piezo and a single coil pickup […]

Guitar build CD60-6

SHAPING AND INSTALLING THE BONE NUT AND SADDLE Bone: Why? There are many reasons people have to use one type of material over another type on their acoustic guitars. Plastic ABS is the material of choice on lower end acoustic guitars. It’s easy to mass produce. It’s fairly easy to install. It is cast in […]

Guitar build CD60-5

FRET LEVELING The first thing to do is to check the fret board for level without string tension. You will probably have to loosen the tension on the truss rod via the adjustment until it is level without string tension: Once you are level you can begin the job of leveling the frets themselves. Once […]

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