Free Model Downloads


All of these models are in the Direct X format and include the UV/Skins. All of these models are made by me or are public domain and may be used for any purpose; commercial or personal. All the UV/Skins were made by me and applied in Ultimate Unwrap. The models were made with Open FX and some of these models are included in the demos as they were used in those games or demos.

707 K9,133 K1,215 K121 K
825 K5,928 K779 K328 K
2,021 K363 K4,540 K283 K
1,223 K623 K365 K157 K
312 K566 K598 K270 K
801 K746 K297 K148 K
491 K664 K568 K285 K
244 K587 K301 K338 K
211 K747 K558 K868 K
413 K613 K1,188 K434 K

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