AMC Gremlin

A project I started to fill some time. A what if scenario: What if AMC had not gone belly up? What would a modern AMC Gremlin look like?

I worked on it on and off for a few days to give me a break from another project that was driving me crazy with repetitive work.

I’ll add it to RAD at the next update.

I changed quite a bit to make it more like a modern car: Wheelbase, width, height, wheel tracking, bumpers but I also wanted it to look like a Gremlin too.

I made a second version after someone pointed out that there were no stripes like the real Gremlin X might have had.

I will add these to the next RAD update, both versions, or you can download them now and add them yourself, or use them as you wish, commercial or personal, Dell…

New Gremlin: Download Here

New Gremlin W/Stripe kit: Download Here