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So this will actually be hosted at my website I use for gaming, 3D models, software, etc. and here. I’m doing it that way, here as a post, there as a permanent link, so that the files can still be accessed, and because this includes software I had not yet listed in either place, and software that will probably be used by more than just gamers.

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Mesh Lab:


The open source system for processing and editing 3D triangular meshes.
It provides a set of tools for editing, cleaning, healing, inspecting, rendering, texturing and converting meshes. It offers features for processing raw data produced by 3D digitization tools/devices and for preparing models for 3D printing.

So why is it here? Because you can use this both as a 3D Modeler, UV application and as a complete model maker and 3D printer solution. As a printer app it has a lot to offer. You can import a model, it will in some cases identify problems as you do. You can set it up easily to be printed with your 3D Printer, and also save the model you have repaired or altered so the next time you need to print it it’s right there; print it or share it.

Either way, it is open source and costs you nothing to try it out.

Adding a model with out textures/UV files
Adding more pieces and then the UV file. Now I can save this as a 3D Game model, or I can save it as a 3D printable toy model.
This model render is probably much more suitable to be a printable file, as it is a solid model, stripped down and ready to 3D print. I can add the other parts to the file, or print them separately and assemble the model once all of the pieces are printed.
Here is a token/coin I made for David Maxon of Escape Works in Watertown New York. I made it in Meshlab and he loaded it into his own 3D Printer and made the token/Coin.

Get Meshlab from the website. That way you can utilize the help files, and keep up to date on changes, new versions, and the Open Source work that is being done with this software. Mesh Lab Website. Or download it from me here.

DeleD CE

DeleD is a free and open source 3D modeler software app filed under 3d design and made available by Delgine for Windows.

Unlike most modelers, DeleD CE is useful for more than just building models.

I have used it to build complete scenes.

Here I am with my city build inside of DeleD CE. I can edit it, add to it by importing additional models and pieces for the build, the export it as a Direct X file to use in RAD. It will load all of the texture files, or allow you to assign textures. If you want a modeler that will let you design your entire game layout in one place, this is it. And, it is free to use.
You will know exactly where the model sits, where the components are located.

I have noticed that the Import of Direct X is not yet supported, but 3DS is, and export of Direct X works fine. Get the free download from me here (Assembled and working). Or as Open Source here from Source Forge.


You may have heard of Rainmeter and wondered what it is. Rainmeter is a app you can customize your Windows desktop with. I have used it, and still do, in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

It is actually a simple idea that some of the users went into overdrive with, because it is so easy to create launchers, customized desktops, and it works well with windows.

You can add your own labels to this set of tabs and open both programs on your computer, and websites.

The Rainmeter website can allow you to download the app, and point you to dozens of free setups you can use and or customize. Rainmeter skins download free skins. DeviantArt is also a place to download skins from, both free and paid. You can also download RainMeter from my site: Download Rainmeter. Or download a zipped collection of skin installers and Rainmeter from my site (110 MB).


I have been an AIMP fan for a long time. I use it for my music files, play lists, video composition, interfacing with Audacity to play the tracks I create. Pretty much anything. The coolest part of AIMP is the control you have over the app. It is available for windows, and they have an Android version (You must go to the site and download the Android version. My download is for Windows 10 64 bit).

My favorite face, but there are hundreds of skins you can use.
It comes with a couple, or you can click, go to their website and download exactly what you want.
It will open on the Skin page, and without exaggeration there are thousands to choose from.
click and it will download.
If that isn’t enough, you can make your own skins with the editor.

All free. Yes, Aimp is Russian product, and Russian websites have gotten a lot of bad press, rigging elections, hackers, on and on. This is not a hacker site, although Google did block for a little while until they were sure, crazy.

The website is here: Works well, should not be blocked by your ISP or search engine, and you can download what you want from there. If you are still nervous, you can download AIMP from my site, with a collection of skins included. Download it here.

A few extras: I received the new SYnfigStudio update, installed it. Synfig Studio is an open source Animation software- Windows – Linux – OSX.

OFX comes with an animation suite too, but this is geared more towards comic strip or graphic art. Not that you can’t do both with OFX or SynFig Studio. In either case it is free. My personal approach is that I try everything then see what I like best. That settles it for me. If I am going to use a system I don’t want to invest time in something and then go to something else.

You can download it from the website: Click here or you can download the new stable version here. Either way it is free open source software.

Trigger Rally: Trigger Rally is a fun 32 bit Rally Racing game. Open source.

A tutorial on creating your own tracks is here.

The cars are very easy to create

This is me editing a car in the game using Ultimate Unwrap. I have also used OFX to edit.

The game uses OBJ 3D files. Very easy to edit, very easy to reskin, and although the game is simplistic, I love it. It works. The play is fun, and it is free open source, so you can download it, change it, mod it, do as you please with it.

Download it here: Click here to download Trigger Rally. Or Download it from Source Forge.

And Last Stunt Rally 2.6

The official image from Source Forge

The game play is pretty good. It is fun to play. The graphics are good. The entire game is easily adjustable within the game panel.

There are dozens of tracks and vehicles included.

You can choose as you like and drive the existing tracks. But, if you are like me, you’ll want your own tracks, and there is an editor included for that.

It comes as a separate executable you will find in the games directory. But what if you get sick of driving the dozens of cars that come with it? Or you just want to make your own? Well, the cars are Ogre model based MESH files, and with Ultimate Unwrap you can download the OGRE Mesh plugin and make your own cars or alter the ones that are there.

This is me editing a Stunt Rally car in Ultimate Unwrap. The plugin will allow me to both import and export the model. So I can and have made my own models for it.

It is nearly a gigabyte, so you’ll need to download it from my Google Drive here. That includes the game, files and the editor.

Well, that is Software 3. I’ll take suggestions for Software 4. It must be free or open source software. Hope you use and enjoy some of this, Dell…

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