This software is Open Source, or abandoned-ware, some modified by me, some modified by others. I spend hours and hours on-line everyday. I’m working on a project, a website, a book that I am formatting, something, so if I am sitting in front of my monitors I am online.

While I’m waiting for whatever to finish, download, upload, etc., I am searching for public domain stuff, images, video clips, anything I can use or be inspired by, and I tend to save those things because if I come back in a few days or a week, it will, most likely be gone. As a result I had to install a 3 terabyte drive the other day to hold my files and files and software I picked up here and there.

Another reason I keep it is infections. I have seen the same software at other places, and it is plagued with misdirection, other downloads they get click pay for, and lately it seems the actual file isn’t even there, or you have to give up your email address so they can then sell it or send you spam or both.

Anyway. These are on my sever. They are not infected, but if you follow a link off this site be careful what you download, and always check it for virus infections, Dell.

Assimp Model viewer/converter: Assimp is a library of 3D Model converters. These are used in many software builds to convert between different formats in the programs/programs. This is a compiled version of ASSIMP you can download and use to convert your own models.

It is flexible, you can convert between different formats, and get different views as well.


Game Maker Terrain Maker: This software was made as a terrain maker for an older game. I don’t remember the full story, but the guy who released as public domain makes another terrain maker now.

This software is open source. It creates terrains easily with controls you can set as you choose. It really is heaven. You can not export to anything other than an .OBJ file, but using ASSIMP or OFX you can faithfully convert that to what you need. I use it to make terrains for RAD, it would work for Unity or Unreal just as well, as ASSIMP can faithfully format the FBX file format.

After you make a terrin it gives you the option to keep it as a template, or save it and the images as an .OBJ file, and also the option to save the texture as one image, so you can get exactly what you made.

It comes with a few different textures you can paint on. I modded mine to use 512 x 512 seamless texture maps (No, it won’t use larger) instead of the 256 x 256 it comes with, and I replaced all the textures in the GM folder Textures with 512×512 textures I can now paint directly with. Free software, and it works.

DOWNLOAD GM Terrain Maker


Make Human makes human models as it implies. You can design body types, female, male, races, colors, blend them, etc. I use this to make models that I can rig for games, or models to pose for book covers. It is pretty straight forward and has a ton of users that contribute skins, set-ups, etc. Open source software



Open FX is an Open Source Modeler, Animation Suite. The list of what it can do is extensive. I used it years ago when it was sold, then the creator lost interest, then he came back, fixed a bunch of bugs, added some extra functionality, and then lost interest again. He made it open source, updated it a few times and then released the code.

I built this version form the source files and made some changes as I did, added many more project examples, changes the menus a bit, and I use it all the time. I have a licensed copy of a popular modeler I paid a stupid amount of money to use, and continue to install and or use occasionally, but it seems too clumsy to me. OFX works better for me.

It can import MFX (it’s own format, and save to that as well) 3DS, DFX (Autocad), Direct X, STL, DAE, OBJ, LWO. The translations are faithful, 3DS has it’s problems, the most consistent problem is reversed normals as it converts, I’m used to it, and aware other 3DS translators have the same problem too.

You can export to 3DS, DXF, STL, VRML and its native MFX.

It can do good work, build primitives, has some plugins, saves to it’s own directory by default, keeps all your 3D models and projects in one place.

DOWNLOAD OFX Modeling Program


RAD has been around about 20 plus years. For the last several it has been abandoned-ware, authorized by the copyright holder to do with as you might please to.

Most coders hate RAD as it is a click and install Game Creator that requires no programing skills to click together a game using assets included, pre-written blocks of code, and game templates, also included. It has an extensive built in help system you can access from the Game maker interface. The help files and indexes are included here as well.

This version is a version I worked on for awhile. There have been groups of guys claiming they are going to rebuild it, update it, and I actually waited a few years to see that happen, but they tripped on their dicks or something. Nothing ever happened.

So, I built my own stuff and updated several parts of it, and discovered a few things about Angel Scripting (What it runs on, and yes, you can code with the engine). I still see a few guys saying they are updating this or that with it, but I have never once seen changes to the code from anyone.

This version is mine, (but the copyright is still Fernando’s) it comes as an executable and contains a lot of extras and extra templates. I changed some things,, but left most the way it was.

If you want to build game without coding, and then learn coding after the fact to get deeper into it (Or just continue clicking and building stuff with your own graphics and skins and models), this is for you. NO, it does not compare to Unity or Unreal, but it does 3D Game Work well. You actually can assemble games, insert your own models, terrains, code, etc



Why is this here. It’s here because this game build was dome pretty well. Yes, they quit before the finish, but there isn’t a lot to do to finish it. It can be hacked/modded as it is. The code and game was released as Open Source.

I took a few swings at it one afternoon and realized that a lot of the OGRE scripting it uses is very easily adapted to RAD. I built a pretty cool fade-in animated screen using the example, except I built it in RAD. Worked perfectly with very few adjustments.

I also modded the game itself. The tracks can be used, modded, reused, formatted entirely differently, I even inserted my own cars and tracks with very little trouble.

Download SuperRacing

I’ll Add a second page next week, Dell.

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