Xeon Dual Core build

A Xeon Dual Core Build. This is a cheap build, under 75.00 bucks total including a used case…
This is a dual core Intel XEON in a desktop board.

The 1st Generation XEON processors were based on the LGA775 socket, then switched to their own LGA771 socket. I have read a few stories about the why of it, it seems Intel didn’t want those processors in desktop machines. Where would the incentive to buy a Core Due or Core Duo Quad be if you could just get a XEON server processor and toss it in any old board. None is the answer. Given a choice I would want the XEON.
Xeons are faster, can be overclocked much faster and remain stable, and are designed to run non stop.
These LGA775 and LGA771 processors are prety cheap now and most people probably ignore them because they are a few years out of date, however you can build a fast machine still.

The last few I have built have been mixed bags. Two DELL T5400 boards in a row (One above, one below).

Those boards can handle 12 cores in two LGA771 sockets and up to 48 gig of memory. They have native 3gb SATA, no IDE, but plenty of expansion slots to add a raid card if you need it.

After the two DELL T5400 builds I built two Intel desktop boards, one with a 3.48 ghz core duo and Solid State drives. With 8 gig of memory, running Windows 10 the board is very fast.

Then this build.
This build is an Intel Board that can run both XEON, and the desktop array of processors as well. So Pentiums, yes, that old, Core Duo, Core Duo Quads and XEON LGA775 series processors. The board was under twenty bucks. 4 Gig of ram about another twenty and two XEON 3.16 ghz processors I picked up for about 15 bucks. I used another DELL case. The P490 and T5400 T3500 case and a few others are all cases that will handle big boards, however I had the case on hand (eBay for nine bucks) and wondered how well it would handle a MATX board.
You can see in the image that the board looks a little lonely in that big case, but using that small board left me plenty of room for cards and drives.

All in I had about 75 bucks in the build and a little time to put it together. This is a XEON dual core. I have two 2.5 drives installed (SATA 2) and a CD and DVD on an IDE channel. I used mostly recycled parts in this build as I didn’t want to spend anything, just build something from common parts.

I tried a couple flavors of Windows and Linux and settled on Ubuntu 18:04. This does run Windows 7 pro very fast, but I have a windows machine that I built with 8 cores that is much better suited to what I do in windows; and I’ll be honest, I love Windows 7 pro, but I wanted to build a low cost Linux machine that I would actually use…

It works well, fast, and has all the same programs I use in Windows 7 and 10 – GIMP, Audacity, LMMS, Libre Office (A fork of Open Office) I can do everything here that I can do in Windows, except build video games, but there is software available to do that, I would just have to download/install it and learn it. All in all I’m happy with the build and the OS.

I made the desktop orientation drive cover out of a piece of plastic sandwich material for signboards. Easy to measure, cuts easily too, and works fine. I painted it with black primer and shot two coats of matte clear on it to protect against flaking and flex chips. I also added the SD card reader which runs off any open USB port because I use a Cannon camera to shoot images that uses an SD card. I can simply pop the card out and browse files. I can also take that same SD card to my tablet. The stock DELL Card reader is old tech that is still useful and available on eBay for about $11.00 with the cable.

The T3500 case was 9.00 bucks on eBay. Surprising to me, which is why I am an eBay hound, constantly checking to see what has been added…

An ultrawide monitor that I hated so much that I abandoned it, seems to work well here with a DELL 15 inch digital as the second monitor. Go figure why that should be…

I had used a Radeon video card, but switched to a 512 meg Nvidia dual outlet card/DVI/VGA to run the separate monitors…

I have enough to watch, I think 

I hope you enjoyed the build. It’s a good machine for under $75.00. I did add a third Sata drive that I had pre-loaded with books I am working on and music files because, even though they are on a windows formatted drive, Ubuntu allows me to access and use those files in the Ubuntu OS… Hey! Be safe this July 4th holiday!!! Geo…